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The conformation is only the expression of plastic function?
Psychology, scientific knowledge of the dog, Anatomy and Functional Morphology of hunting dog
To complete the introducing of the kennel, we are pleased to show some footage of our last work.
What lead us in the selections moves away from that part of breeders (to whom unhappily   mainly miss a technical-scientific preparation), based exclusively on an experience handed down and maybe a little obsolete.
But the only experience is not enough and lead to vacillating results that find their maximum results  on an extemporaneous luck of a moment rather of effective real facts.
From the other side, it could be that the dog's study looks boring academical (see bibliography) but is not possible to reconize the weak points of an English Setter without knowning what make them weak, and, for example, which mechanical modification could compensate or correct them.
We breed dogs that way they are supposed to be and so we mean working efficently rather that try the fate upon an unsure luck based only on coupling and reassurance of utilizing the champions of the kennel X.
The  champions are important as much as the analisys of their respective morpholocical defects. As they can remain an history of its own if is not tried to obtain from the "positive features" (obscuring with repeated crossbreeding) that they express.
We were skeptical and we waited some time before to put on-line our way to intend the selection of English Setter.
That because reading other works on Internet sites of other breeders we realized how much unreliable and misleading are very often their contents.
To the contrary what you have been told, we won't talk of superlative subjects, we will not try to convince that can exist the specialist pointing dog born from a crossbreeding of two "specialists" : Sciense is enogh for this.
For us (that are not willing to convince nobody), as for the Sciences applied to the dog, exist only subjects that are born with a predisposition for hunting, which easily and cleverly adapted to the commands of the handler (both to a purist or a modest hunter) and its skills can be developed and improved in different enviroments, where live different hunting species.
Only the single subject, growing and maturing his hunting capacities, can sometimes evidences the preference for one of the hunted species. But it remains only a preference and that does not mean that it dislike other game.
Who will have the patient to read and pick the shades, will understand the sense of our way to breed the English Setter.
Even it not agree with us, certainly will take advantage from the comparisation with our ideas.
Have a good reading.
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Pinto Michele
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