Our dams
Our dams must above all be morphologically well. On the other side, they must be good hunting auxiliary and have a predisposition to partecipate to "Oaks" trials.
The psychological balance and a correct relationship devlopment with the handler (or owners) is our third aim.
Looking for game in indipendent way but with an eye always checking the command's handler is another important quality requested to our subjects.
It is also important the longevity, feature which permits our dogs to hunt well above the age of ten years.
The dams are coupled with the stallion only to generate puppies due to be delivered in spring-summer time and never above the five yers of age.
That allows us to obtain always puppies healthy and strong, which will be faithful companion for a long time.
All our subjects are housed in boxes fitted with doghouses for external use, warmed up by radiant panels and providing a valuable shelter and protection from the bad weather. The doghouses are made by insulating material and painted white, completely profiled in galvanized steel free of sharp edges or burrs dangerous for animals.
The kennel
Few breeders show their structure to the possible buyers. The photos show are often too small, with few details, shooted from far , etc.
Answers can be many and different: to hide hygienical situations not optimal, elevate density of dogs for each box or old and crambling structures.
Those are facts that commercialize one passion which should stay such as a high level both for a professional or for dog-lovers.
The quality of a kennel is noticed by the selection of the used materials, by the workmanship and the assembly.
Our steel boxes are finished up sith heat galvanization and covered by modular plates  of expanded and rigid polyurethane, coated on both sides of  painted hot zinc steel , that makes the structures hygenically easy to be cleaned and more healthy.
With pride we show our peculiar way to work thinking to make a good thing to whom intend  to visit the kennels (for the choise of a poppy), before they would start a trip that could be, sometimes, disappointing.
To know how and where a poppy has been raised is important.
The quality is our aim.
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