Our product
Our puppies come from stallions and selected female dogs whom have practiced hunting and/or field trials and/or exposition organized form E.N.C.I. (Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana) (National Italian Kennel Board).
Beside, before becoming reproducers, the young hunting dogs are trained in the most natural way, without being forced from man, but only taking them to meet the feather game (without being ashamed like others reproducers) of all kinds, both from breeding ant from nature, printing the joung subject to any kind  of meeting and ground.
Such trainig develops the innate gift of our stock and emphasize the transefer of peculiar characteristic of the breed.
The puppies
All our dams delivery inside warmed structures by I.R. lamps or radiant heat panels.
The delivery boxes are made with atoxic PVC, with grids for  slurry dumping to garantee the maximun hygiene.
The dams and the puppies are periodically treated for the intestinal parasites at the 20th, 40th and 60th days from the birth and cared by our trusted vets. The interruption of the milking is gradual and always take place during the wean.
The dams have the opportunities to visit their own puppies whenever necessary until the sale of themselfs.

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After the purchase
After the purchase we won't let you alone. It is also our interest to follow the growing, the   relation like with the new onwers and the possible hunting developments of our subjects.
So we can post eveluate the female and stallion used.
Who thinks to have the truth in their hands, pointing out as sure  the results of the birth of an group of perfect poppies for a future of pointing dogs, between the stallion X and the dam Y, knows little about genetics and even less about dogs.
Our choice, addressed to couple to generate hunting dogs and work dogs sturd and long-lived (with a particular attention to the morphology), leaded us along the way that avoid the more possible the blood relation (inbreeding).
To the new owners who do not feel in a position for training their own puppy to hunt, but that would prefer the "do it yourself" rather the people that suddenly turn theirself to professional of the training or to seriuos but expensive ones, we offer, if required, a phone support and/or by e-mail on how to behave with their young puppies.
The owner of the kennel has cooperate with the more visited hunting italian Internet sites (www.cacciaweb.com,
Pinto Michele
www.scolopaxrusticola.com) answering to several questions (training and correction for pointing dog), made from hunters with difficulties.
Moreover he has published, besides to  an handbook on the training and a book of  the pointing dog, articles for dog-lovers and training on important monthly magazine of the sector, as for example, Caccia+.

Our puppies are delivered after the 65th days from the birth, perfectly weaned and "started" with dry fodder, with the sanitary book done from our trusted vets that certified the happened vaccination.
The microchip is headed "to the sold" (before 90 days from the birth) and contexually is edited and delivered to the buyers the document of belongings, whether the puppy stays in our property few more days, whether the puppy is taken right away.
Following, the E.N.C.I. Will send to the domicile of the owner of the puppy the document that certified the inscription to L.O.I. (Libro delle Origini Italiane) (the Book of the Italian Origins-Pedigree).
Nowadays the biggest quantity of hunters/dog-lovings live in a flat with a close contact with her dog and it must be, beside a good hunting one, it must be loving and equilibrate with the people.
The family components soon and easily become affectionate and therefore become impossible, in the future, change it in the eventuality where some morfological defects would appear or not keen for the hunting activity.
The choosing of the puppy is so important for the hunter/dog-loving, whom is forced constrained, for a period of time of about ten years, to the subject in his belonging.
To fullfil anybody need, we guarantee our puppies against the fear of the shot, we certified the absence of the most common hereditary diseases and congenital defects (see here the rules and laws that regulating the italian breeding of race dogs):
Furtheremore, upon required, we can make further veterinaria search at the structure of our trusted vets:
  • general chek up and certification of good and sturdy body-buid;
  • predisposition or absence of dysplasia of the flank and of the arm and other hreditary diseaseswich entropion, ectropion, umbilical hernia, etc.
  • blood test;
  • etc.