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Renato Fongaro, owner of the affix Fongaro's, practice the hunting activity with the pointing dog since ever.
The father, countryman hunter with origins from Padania (Veneto), had had always the occasion of buying champion's sons, because he would regular attend the fields trials.
In the year 1970, Renato Fongaro started to follow his father both to hunting and to see the fields trials.
Becoming passionate to the concreteness and the elegance of the english pointing dogs rather of the continental  pointing dogs races (who equally estimate).
With the help of the father he started therefore to have an eye for distinguish the potential of a optimum trialler from a wicked marathon runner.

Photo sequence of hunting woodcock with Accipiter Gentilis and English Setter from our affix
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Pinto Michele

Fifteen years ago, he harvest the fruits of the selection of a mature love-dog friends coming from the "Puttini & Fanton school" wich made quality (to the contrary of an extensive breeding) sail of the engagement.
The motto of the master/mentor "One half english pointing dog is always more concrete of a full continental pointing dog", conviced him so much that nowadays he is still its spokenman.
The University studies permit to deepen the dog-loving preparation (Psicology and dog behavior, Anatomy, Phisiology, Animal Mechanic and Functional Morphology)  facing  scientific texts that are still missing in Italy.
Never satisfy enough to learn and compare, reached the convitions that lead him to write an handbook titled ...Io però amo gli "inglesi" (...But I love "english pointing dogs") Linotipia Verga, Verona 1999 ©.
After he get close falconry art, meeting English Setters with Accipiter Gentilis for hunting woodcock. Italian magazines (as Caccia+) and french magazine (La Mordorée) write about him specialized hunting with falcon and dogs. Such activity will permits him to undergo the subjects of his kennel  to a more rigorous dressage, valuing so psicological balance of his dogs.
Nowadays spend his time between the job (pharmacist) and breeder.
The genealogy of his kennel started by Rusty del Dianella (CH it & int. trial), Radentis Gian (CH it & int. trial), Dun del Meschio (CH it trial), Decor Lot (CH it & int. trial), Edgar del Roveto (CH  int trial) and others subjects that have the vaunt to builted the best genealogy of english pointing dogs of the last 30 years in Italy, wich permitted to fix important distinctive features in the genes of his puppies's female dogs.